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Welcome to Physio Next Door

Physio Next Door is pleased to offer our experienced rehabilitation services to the patients of Gold Coast Spine. We aim to provide a seamless experience from pre operative education and preparation to our acute hospital stay, out patient rehabilitation through to your final integration back to Work, Sport and Life.

Even though we specialise in spine physiotherapy management we are competent providing treatment in all aspects of physiotherapy.


At Physio Next Door, spine and stability go hand in hand.

Meet the Team

We are pleased to introduce our physiotherapists Adam Antoniolli, Matthew Jenkinson and Natalie Wu. At Physio Next Door we have kept our team small which provides a personal experience for our patients. This helps us gain rapport and confidence with our patients during the trials of non-operative and operative spinal rehabilitation.

Our emphasis is to maintain active communication with the orthopaedic specialists at Gold Coast Spine, this allows us to provide specific and tailored rehabilitation solutions to our patients.

Adam Antoniolli

Adam Antoniolli

Principal Physiotherapist

As the Principal Physiotherapist at Physio Next Door, I see my role as keeping an active engagement with every patient where possible.

I have had a close relationship with both Dr Scott-Young and Dr McEntee over the past 8 years which has allowed me to develop areas of knowledge outside that of the typical physiotherapist.

I have been involved with the rehabilitation management of over 3000 patients from Gold Coast Spine.

Outside of spine management I also have an interest in Men’s Health, providing incontinence retraining to the patients of Dr Tracey and Dr McClintock.

Matthew Jenkinson

Matthew Jenkinson


I enjoy the challenges spine management provides both the treatment and guidance that I provide to my patients.

I spend a large portion of my time providing acute in-hospital rehabilitation at Pindara Hospital for the patients of Gold Coast Spine.

The challenge of those first few days post operatively is very rewarding especially when I am able to see the consistently reproducible changes to our patients.

Outside of spine management, I have a keen interest in sports physiotherapy, playing many sports myself.

Adam Antoniolli

Natalie Wu


I enjoy being part of the team at Physio Next Door and the challenges in providing individualised treatment programs for my patients.

I also work closely with Gold Coast Spine to provide informative education and rehabilitation management for our spinal patients.

It is a challenging and meaningful experience for me to be involved with post-operative, hospital rehabilitation for our patients. It’s fantastic to review my patients at their three and six month appointments and share their success in symptom reduction and amazing functional gains.

Outside of spinal management, I have a keen interest to treat injuries ranging from sports-related problems to those common aches and pains. When not working, I enjoy running and hiking to stay fit. 

How We Can Help

Extensive Experience

We have Extensive Experience.

Our physiotherapists have extensive experience and knowledge of both non-operative and operative spine management.

Advice and Practical Intervention

Advice and Practical Intervention.

With our exposure to all the modern, gold standard, diagnostic investigations we can offer both advice and practical intervention with confidence in our treatment plans.

We Educate and Formulate

We Educate and Formulate.

At Physio Next Door our physiotherapists wont just treat you but diagnose your pathology, educate you on its implications and symptoms, and formulate a plan with you to address the problem and not just treat the symptoms.


At Physio Next Door, spine and stability go hand in hand.

We categorise the spine into two areas of stability:

● Structural Stability: this is the domain of the Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon.

● Dynamic Stability: this is where Physio Next Door can provide a specific diagnosis based on assessment and imaging, educate the patient of the underlying pathology and formulate a plan to guide the patient to a successful and durable recovery.

Dynamic Stability focuses on the contractile and soft tissue elements of the body:

Muscles, ligaments and tendons.

The parts of the body that the patient has control over with their recovery.


Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can be both physically debilitating and mentally dishevelling.

Treatment Methods

Unfortunately conventional diagnostic and treatment methods can be limited in their effect and are usually focussed towards the treatment of symptoms.

Spine Related Pain

Spine related pathology is the most prevalent reported condition and contributes significantly to the cost of health care and lost work hours.


Most of the patients we see at Physio Next Door that have been previously treated elsewhere, have minimal if no education of their condition, and their symptoms have been the focus of their treatment

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